Intuitive Mindset Coach

As an Intuitive Mindset Coach, I help unstuck themselves and rediscover joy in life. My private mindset coaching program focuses on realigning old habits, patterns and beliefs, creating actionable plans and strategies, and identifying the role of the inner critic.

I have recently been selected to join a small group of coaches to be trained by Marianne Williamson in  Miracle-Minded Coaching. The Miracle-Minded Coach certification program is based on the principles of A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles unique spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God and Love.

By integrating Intuitive, Miracle-Minded Coaching, my clients transform fear and self sabotage into love, peace and joy. They learn how to tap into the power of Divine energy, attract abundance and develop a thought system based on love. These miracles translate into real success in careers, family, and relationships.

How does this sound?

  • You feel peaceful even in difficult circumstances.
  • All of your relationships are loving.
  • You feel deeply connected to source.

These are the goals of Miracle-Minded Coaching. They are achieved by learning to heal all of our relationships through the inspired practice of forgiveness.

Miracles happen when love casts out fear. This kind of coaching will teach you how to dismantle a thought system based on fear to become a thought system based on love.

Miracle-Minded Coaching is Right for You If You:

* desire to deepen your spiritual connection.

* want to anchor your faith in the Holy Spirit.

* strive to embody love and be guided by intuition.

* long for balance and peace.

* yearn for a life of forgiveness, gratitude and love.

During Our Work Together You Will:

* Become more self-aware.

* Discover where your inner-critic shows up in life.

* Realign old habits, patterns and beliefs.

* Recognize where you get stuck and what to do about it.

* Create actionable plans and strategies to move the needle forward.

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